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Is It Safe To Travel In Tanzania, Africa?
The continent of Africa is a large continent consisting offifty-four countries with totally unrelated political systems over 11,700,000square miles. What happens in one country, even a bordering country does not necessarily affect the other. Think of it this way – if something happened in Greece, would that affect your travel plans to England or Italy?

There arecertain inherent risks whenever one traveler, but the chances of being involved inan incident are very small. Tanzania is considered one of the safest countries to travel to in Africa. It has enjoyed peace and tranquility since Unificationin 1964. With country-specific risks out of the question in Tanzania, the only safety concerns may be emergencies usually brought forth by health issues (ona case-by-case basis) that rarely occur.

Our emergency air evacuation coveredby your travel insurance policy will bring you to safety within hours. We arein constant contact with our offices and continually monitor any situations that might occur. All of our safari vehicles are equipped with emergency telephones. If you have any questions at any time regarding your travel plans,do not hesitate to contact us. Your safety and comfort in traveling to Tanzaniais our foremost concern.

What Can Be Expected While On Safari?
A warm and friendly welcome by the local people, no humidity, comfortable temperatures, a high degree of comfort, a variety of delicious food and exhausting but exhilarating days. An average day begins at dawn with tea and a sunrise safari game drive. Back to the lodge for a wonderful breakfast with fresh-baked slices of bread, local coffee, and your choice of entrée. During the heat of the day when the wildlife is at rest, you too may wish to relax around the pool. In the afternoon when the wildlife again comes alive, go out on an afternoon game drive. In certain areas full day game drives, a bushwalk, night safari driveor other activity may be planned. In the evening, everyone gathers to exchange stories of the bush while enjoying beverages. Retire early, as tomorrow will bring well wejust do not know but we can assure you it will be exciting!

Will There Be Any Inconveniences?
Not many, but there may be a few. Roads can be rough. Thereare times planes may not run as scheduled. It is not uncommon for a vehicle tobreak down. In such circumstances, the first safari vehicle to meet you must offer to take you to a safe destination. DN Gallery organise a mobile-tented safaris keep the flavor of an authentic Tanzania experience, but always have comfortable bedding and private toilets. However, there is no electricity, toilet, and shower facilities that are efficient but not lodge style. The most important thingis to have a good attitude and understand that Africa is a special safari destination but part of what makes it special is that its atmosphere is not spoiled by tourism. If you are in doubt of a comfort level of a particulartrip, call a DN Gallery specialist direct. We want to make sure you are selecting a holiday that meets your comfort level.

Are Tips Included?
While traveling in Tanzania on a safaru scheduled departure, all gratuities are handled by us in advance, so that the local employees are eager to serve and you are free to relax and enjoy your trip. However, there is one exception, and that is your tips to your guide/driver, which is at your discretion and highly recommended.

How Are The Roads?
Roads in the wildlife areas are bumpy and dusty. Many of ourtrips feature comfortable flights. This does add to the cost of the safari butit converts wasted time on the road to quality time viewing the wildlife.Flights within Tanzania are included in the package price.

Should I Join A Group Or Private Safari?
The advantage of the group safaris in Tanzania is the chance to socialize and meet others with similar interests. A private safari has great advantages for those who are serious photographers, are taking children, or have their own ideas in creating a Tanzania holiday. Private tailor-Madesafaris are successful because the participant plays an active role in planning the trip, as their ideas are incorporated with our professional knowledge ofthe areas.

Can I Travel Alone?
A Tanzania trip is ideal for the single traveler. You neverneed to be alone unless you prefer. Both men and women travel as singles andfind Africa a safe and friendly destination. Even when traveling as a single, DNGallery always arranges complimentary meeting services at airports withtransport and assistance with check-in at your hotel. Shared rooms can berequested.

What about Health Precautions?
You will be advised at the time of booking what healthprecautions are required and recommended for your trip. You must check withyour personal doctor before taking any medications. While in Tanzania, DNGallery has a list of highly qualified doctors on call. You can rest assuredthat top medical care is available in major cities. Hospitals keepup-to-date on equipment and have a high standard of testing. A Few Words about Travel Agents & The InternetDN Gallery works closely with the finest travel agentsaround the world. We recognize travel agents as our partners and feel theyoffer an invaluable service to the traveler. A qualified agent can assist youin making sure that your trip runs smoothly. Conference calls are encouragedbetween agents, the traveler and DN Gallery customer service representative. The Internet has a wealth of information on Africa, butbuying directly from the internet can be a blind purchase, as it does notcounsel you on reliability and dependability. Use the internet to gather ideasand your preferences, then take this to your agent or DN Gallery customerservice representative. Moreover, should you book your trip via the internet,first contact the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) and the Tanzania Association ofTour Operators (TATO) and inquire about the Tanzania tour operator's integrity.
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